Chairperson's Message

ICAI - Ahmedabad Branch

Respected Members,

Seasons Greetings! There is blossom everywhere as spring blooms, welcoming new leaves! We have the results of the final examination, and new members have joined the fraternity. We all agree that the only thing that remains constant is change. This is my last communication as the chairperson of the branch in our newsletter. As for my physical existence, I am always indebted to my mother; for my professional existence, I will be always indebted to my mother institute. I believe that without my mother institute, the ICAI, I am nothing. I am grateful to all the members for giving me this chance to serve the fraternity - માતૃ ભૂમિ નું સન્માન, માતૃ સંસ્થા દ્વારા, માતૃ ભાષા ના હેત થી At this juncture I would like to say that "ना थके कभी पैर ना कभी हिम्मत हारी है, हौंसला है ज़िन्दगी में कुछ कर दिखाने का, इसलिए अभी भी सफर जारी है।" .....


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NIL 22,500/- for both groups Payable Rs. 5,000/- at the time of admission, balance payable within 1 month after CA Foundation result. Note: If the CA Foundation result is otherwise the paid fees will be refunded. Register